Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

I had my first birthday on Friday and my Mummy and Daddy had a party for me. It was great fun, we went around to my Auntie Jackie's house which is HUGE! It was so much fun I spent as much time as possible going from one end to the other. Granny made me a lovely cake which was made out of Chocolate, mmm mmm, I love it! And I got lots of lovely presents, though to be honest I was far more interested in the wraping paper (which mummy wouldn't let me eat) and the cards! We're just collecting some nice pictures for everyone but in the meantime here's some to start you off...

And Uncle James has done a fab job of beating Mummy to it, so take a look at his at:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Who, me?

Wow, life really is amazing, I've discovered how to move. Now I see what all those other babies were enjoying and I've decided I'd really like to be an explorer. It also really helps because now I can actually see since my granny gave me a hair cut and I don't have lots of hair in my eyes.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Hi! It’s been a while since we’ve put pictures on here and boy has it been a busy couple of months.

In December Mummy and Daddy took me to something called the Races. I saw lots of horses (like the ones I’ve seen in the little farm near home) and they were running very fast. They must be so tired! It was pretty cold so I had to wear lots of clothes and a really big coat.

Then a few weeks later we finally had something I’ve heard about for a long time called Christmas. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Richmond and lots of people came over. There were lots of presents wrapped in cool bright and shiny paper and also a Christmas Tree. But best of all Auntie Sarah and Uncle James bought me a rocking reindeer and I LOVE it! My Mummy lets me ride on it every day and I love to try and rock it on my own.

After Christmas we went on a really big plane and drove into the snowy mountains so all the grown ups could do something called skiing. We were on holiday with my friend Lawrence which was great as we got to share toys and play together every day – though he is quite tiring to play with because he moves all over the place!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What a busy baby

Hi everyone

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog and that’s because we’ve been very busy! Doing what you say?

Well, my Mummy takes me all over the place. We go and play with my friends, sometimes at their houses and other times at play groups - they are very busy with SO many other babies and I heard that next week Father Christmas is going to come visit us!

We also go to the park lots, which I’ve always liked since I was very little, but now I have a reason to like it even more - last week I went on the swings for the first time, they’re great! I can sit up in them all on my own.

Sometimes I go swimming with other babies too, we sing lots of songs and sometimes get to swim under water!

This weekend we went for a walk in a really big park and I saw trees where children were bouncing on the branches – I can’t wait until I am old enough to do that! But for now my Daddy plays lots of games with me and we fly all over the place!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mummy, when can we go to Geneva?

Auntie Sarah came to visit last week from Geneva. I've been there you know. I really like it there: there's a huge lake with beaches (it even has a baby beach just for me), great big mountains (mummy and auntie Sarah say I can play in the snow there) and everyone speaks a funny sounding, strange language... mummy says one day I can learn to speak it.

I like it when auntie Sarah comes to play with me, she makes me bounce up and down and I get to fly like an aeroplane... maybe one day I will fly a real plane? I keep asking mummy and daddy when we can go back to Geneva, afterall I am part of the jetset now...

I've included this photo as I know auntie Sarah really likes it. She likes my jumper, I think of it as my England rugby supporters strip

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What an urban baby

Over the weekend I went on a trip to a really really big building - I’m sure it’s the biggest one I’ve ever been in.

It was in the middle Battersea Park and called the Affordable Art Fair.

It was full of lots of bright pictures and my Uncle Ben bought Daddy a picture for his birthday which I love looking at – it’s SO much more interesting than those silly toys they try to make me play with

… oh, well maybe except my feet which are my favourite.

I had a lovely day yesterday, I saw my Grandparents and also met my Great Auntie Anna and Great Uncle Alan.

Mummy took me to meet them in my Grandpa’s favourite restaurant nearby called Rebato’s - it serves food on little plates and they call it Tapas.

Mummy tried to get me to have a nice long sleep before we went, but I was so excited that I decided to stay awake instead!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Holidays to France

My mummy and daddy have taken me on lots of boats this summer. We went to a country called France twice. We went to Normandy and a place called Bordeaux.

I like France, there are lots of cows and my daddy took me really close to some cows and I heard them moo like they do in Old Macdonald had a farm.

We also went to plenty of restaurants and did lots of driving in the car. Mummy drove a lot because daddy was trying something from bottles called wine.

The second time we went to France I had a little friend to play with. We had lots of toys between us, it was really good fun.